Comedy Shows: Orlando

Surprisingly, Orlando is a great city for fans of improv comedy. It is home to a variety of venues and groups offering regular shows and performances. Locals looking for a fun night out or visitors who need a little laughter, try these places.

Comedy Shows Orlando

  1. comedy shows orlando

    SAK Comedy Lab: Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, SAK Comedy Lab is one of the city’s premier destinations for improv comedy. The Lab offers a variety of shows and classes, ranging from short-form games to long-form improvised plays. With a full bar and menu, it’s the perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy a night of laughs.

  2. The Improv: This world-famous comedy club chain has a location in Pointe Orlando, offering a wide range of comedy acts, including improv, stand-up, and sketch. Past performers have included everyone from Dave Chappelle to Sarah Silverman. So you never know who you might see on stage.
  3. Orlando Shakes: You might not expect to find improv at a Shakespeare theater, but the Orlando Shakespeare Theater offers a variety of improv events throughout the year. From holiday-themed shows to late-night improv parties, there’s something for everyone at this unique venue.
  4. The Comedy Warehouse: Located at Disney’s BoardWalk, the Comedy Warehouse is a great spot to catch improv comedy during your visit to Orlando. The venue hosts a variety of improv and stand-up shows, with a full bar and menu available.
  5. The Winter Park Playhouse: This intimate theater in Winter Park is another great spot to catch improv in Orlando. The playhouse offers a variety of musical and comedy performances throughout the year, including improv shows and workshops.

From world-famous comedy clubs to intimate theaters, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. So grab some tickets and get ready to laugh – you won’t be disappointed. Stop by for one of the comedy shows Orlando!