• Building a Thriving Improv Community

    Lessons from a Decade of Growth Hello! I’m Anthony, and my journey as an improviser began back in 2012. By 2015, driven by a passion to teach and connect, I started my own improv classes. The first week, only five students joined, leaving me unsure about the local interest in improv. However, to my surprise,…

  • Consider Corporate Teambuilding Orlando

    Consider Corporate Teambuilding Orlando

    There is no shortage of things to do for your retreat with your company or organization in Orlando. So with all the options, why consider corporate teambuilding in Orlando?

  • Discord: Connecting the Improv Community

    Discord: Connecting the Improv Community

    Hey, it’s Anthony Francis from Improv U, back again to chat about something a little different but incredibly important for our improv community—staying connected through Discord. In a world where digital spaces increasingly complement our physical ones, Discord has emerged as a powerful tool for keeping the improv community tightly knit. Let’s dive into how…