Improv Classes

About Improv Classes
Our in person drop ins have concluded.

See the Schedule and Reserve below:

Date/Time Event
June 6, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
6-Week Virtual Stand Up Class - Tuesdays

Check back soon for the new schedule.

A typical drop in improv class looks like this:

Sign in and take your seat
Warm ups and exercises in a circle
2 person activities/ Group Activities
Improv scenes with challenges
Warm Fuzzies – go around the room and say something you liked that someone else said or did.

Before coming to class:
Wear clothing you can bend and move around in and that covers you securely.
Comfortable shoes you can move around in are also recommended.
Avoid heavy colognes and perfumes.

Class Rules:

  1. Respect the actors on stage by watching silently and applauding loudly 

  2. You are invited to perform “clean” and avoid cursing and vulgarity. It’s a fun challenge! 

  3. No hitting, jumping on, or kissing anyone you don’t already have a hitting, jumping, kissing, agreement with.

  4. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason and need a timeout, just say “time out” and we will all cheer and take a short break.

Meet your instructor!

Anthony Francis is the founder and artistic director of Improv U. He has been teaching actors, business professionals, parents, students and kids how to be more confident on and off stage since 2012. Anthony is an actor, comedian, singer, MC and host. He has performed and hosted improv shows in Chicago, New York, Portland, Miami, and more. He currently directs 3 improv teams and performs a fully improvised musical comedy show called “Ant Farm”. Anthony has taught thousands of people just like you to be confident and entertaining improvisers.