Building a Thriving Improv Community

Lessons from a Decade of Growth

Hello! I’m Anthony, and my journey as an improviser began back in 2012. By 2015, driven by a passion to teach and connect, I started my own improv classes. The first week, only five students joined, leaving me unsure about the local interest in improv. However, to my surprise, one session attracted 33 participants, signaling a much greater community interest than I had anticipated.

Since that pivotal night, we’ve embraced the growth and excitement of our improv community, organizing engaging events such as two improv cruises, multiple guest workshops, and shows featuring talented improvisers from across the country. Over the years, we’ve participated in more than 15 festivals, each one reinforcing our love for this art form and the community that surrounds it.

In our efforts to deepen these connections and expand our reach, we launched the Improv U online community on Discord. This platform has become a vital space for educational livestreams and events that not only connect us but also provide essential performance opportunities for improvisers at all levels. It’s a place where our members can share ideas freely and creatively explore their own paths in improvisation.

Improv is fundamentally about community. Without it, the essence of what makes improv special—spontaneity, collaboration, and live interaction—would fade. So, I invite you, whether you’re an experienced improviser or just curious about improv, to step into the spotlight with us. Are you ready to explore and grow in a community that celebrates every step of the improv journey? Join us at Improv U and let’s create something extraordinary together.