The Montage

Play with edits, openings and more in this fun, flexible form. Want to play in jams? This class teaches you how to play with any improviser anywhere. Join our 8 week session for a chance to learn in a team setting so you can build on skills each week and really grow your technique.

If you have attended drop in classes but you want even more this is the class for you!

The Montage

This is a 8-week course with a 12 student max cap.

Grand Avenue Neighborhood Center
800 Grand Street, Orlando, FL 32805

6:30-8:30 p.m.
Starts April 24, 2024

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In this class:

  • This class is very little lecture and whole lot of time on stage
  • Get sidecoaching in the moment so you get better on the fly
  • Challenges and activites custom tailored to you and what you need
  • You will learn how to support and improvise as a team

This course will help you with:

You must have a basic understanding of agreement and gifting to be accepted into this class. If you are new to improv we strongly suggest starting here.

Class Rules


  1. Respect the actors on stage by watching silently and applauding loudly
  2. You are invited to perform “clean” and avoid cursing and vulgarity. It’s a fun challenge!
  3. No hitting, jumping on, or kissing anyone you don’t already have a hitting, jumping, kissing, agreement with.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason and need a timeout, just say “time out” and we will all cheer and take a short break.

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About your Instructor

Actor, comedian, presenter, and all around nice guy Anthony Francis is the founder and artistic director of Improv U. Since 2012 Anthony has been teaching people just like you to be more confident on and off stage. He has performed in Chicago, New York, Portland, Miami, and all over Florida. He performs a fully improvised comedy musical called “Ant Farm” and performs and produces “The Unwritten Sketch Show”. Anthony’s approach to teaching is focused on openness and positive reinforcement. Students say they feel welcome and encouraged when they work with Anthony.