Unique Holiday Party: Why Your Holiday Party Needs Improv

The holidays are approaching, and your company just netted another year. You’ve watched your people work hard, striving to reach goals and exceed projections, and now you want to reward them with the unique holiday party they deserve.

But how? Sure, it’s always fun to see the people you work with rock out on a karaoke stage. And, Brian from HR has some killer dance moves after a few egg nogs …but how about something new this year?

It can be a lot of pressure to plan a party that your staff has been looking forward to all year, but we have just the thing to keep the fun coming. Here’s our 5 reasons why your holiday party needs improv.

1. You’ll Get a Tailor-Made Show Just for You
Improvers customize their material for their audience. They’ll collect information before the show, during the show or both – this includes all the jargon, the inside jokes and more – and they’ll pepper it in throughout the show. Of course, this goes along with all the other hilarity they come up with. Jokes about the broken copier, repetitive memos and those darn TPS are sure to keep your staff laughing.

2. …Speaking of Laughing
Is there a better way to bring people together than laughter? When something makes everyone smile, it helps everyone to feel a little looser. We’re not talking about the awkward jokes your CEO makes while MC-ing the party. We’re talking about genuine comedy that you don’t feel obligated to laugh at. Figuring out how to break the ice at an event is never easy, so invite an improv troupe to loosen them up. Unscripted funnies are sure to do the trick.

3. Your Employees Can Have Their Chance to Shine
Improv shows really start to become fun when they get interactive. If you’d like to see your employees get in on the action, you can have your improv group invite them on stage to participate in the hilarity. If you think they have fun laughing at entertainers, just wait until they start laughing at each other.

4. Improvers Can Improve Any Place, Any Time
Improv humor is extremely versatile, and troupes can perform in almost any environment. Whether you’re having your holiday party at the office or at a venue, they’ll meet you there and they’ll always bring their A game.

5. The Good Times Will Last Through the New Year
After watching an uproarious interpretation of their work life, your employees are sure to bring some laughs to go. In fact, they may laugh until your next holiday party. Those spot-on inside jokes are relived every time they come to the office, giving coworkers something to bond over every day. Best of all, you can do the same thing the following year, because every show is completely different – it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

To get started with this unique holiday party, contact us today and learn how to book a live improv show for your next event.