Deluxe Teambuilding Case Study

Deluxe Teambuilding Holiday Party

About the Group:

The team at Hostopia, A Deluxe Company


The big challenge for this teambuilding session was that it was during COVID, it was all online, and it was part of the company holiday party. The team was having doubts about some of the activities they wanted to do so we consulted with them and put together a fun online holiday party full of surprises.


Everyone had a great time at this teambuilding. The party planners felt confident after pulling off a successful party. Everyone logged off feeling closer to each other and the new team members they had only ever met and worked with virtually.


Industry: Financial Services

Date: Dec 21, 2020

Team size: 20


Costume contest

Improv games

Interactive social warm up activities

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“The Host With The Most”

It was early December at the height of the pandemic. I got a call from the people over at Deluxe.

At first it sounded like they needed a teambuilding workshop. The more we spoke the more I picked up on the pressing concern for who would be hosting the event.

It wasn’t just a teambuilding it was the company party. There was so much more to do! Costume contests, trivia, the list went on and my client was sounding stressed out.

I told them that it sounds like they need a little bit of teambuilding and a whole lot of party hosting! Relief washed over the Zoom call. We made a plan to put on an incredible event where I would host everything and all they had to do was supply me with the details on the backend.

The night of the event the Zoom room slowly filled with executives and higher ups. We got started and two hours later we had put on a great event. The executives were happy and my client was happy.

Sometimes you have to look past what you offer to see what the client needs.