Public Speaking

Public Speaking

The crowd gets quiet and stares at you. You’re in the bridal party so you have to give a speech. A year ago this would have been your nightmare. You walk up to the mic and start to speak. When it’s over there isn’t a dry eye in the ballroom. Your friends come up to you, even total strangers on the grooms side to compliment you on your public speaking skills.

What does this course cover?

This could be you after completing our Public Speaking course.  Techniques to help melt away anxiety and activities and individualized challenges that will turn you into a bold and articulate speaker.

Course Details

screen trainingThis is an in person training course that focuses on presentation skills.

online trainingThis is an interactive training where you will be given writing prompts and time to complete them.

There are also a few times where you will speak and present.

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About your Instructor

In addition to improvisation instruction, Anthony Francis has been coaching public speakers and performers for more than 10 years. He is a presenter, performer public speaker, accomplished video producer and content creator. This course merges Anthony’s knowledge of performance and presence with skills and expertise in storytelling to create professional and clean presentations.