Uncle Honey’s Bee Farm


Uncle Honey’s Bee Farm Book



Customized hand bound books with a special message to your child and an original story written by Anthony Francis and illustrated by Bianca Ungerman-Ferring.

After purchase please CLICK HERE and provide the name of the person you want the book made out to. Their name will go on the letter from Uncle Honey page and be bound in with the rest of the book.  

Many years ago when my niece Zoe was just learning to talk, me, my wife, and my in-laws were sitting around the dinner table. Zoe was telling all of us our names according to her. She was still in a high chair. Grandma was “Bibia”, Grandpa was “Papa”, my wife Marisa was dubbed “Antee”. When it came time for my name she simply said “Honey”.

We all looked around confused. We figured it came from the fact that my wife always called me Honey around her. Now many years later, Zoe is grown, but she and all the other kids still call me Uncle Honey.

And I still answer to it.

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