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Presentation Skills

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After you take our Presentation Training course your employees, customers, and potential clients look forward to your presentations. They message you after and tell you how entertaining and clear your presentation was to listen to.
Decision makers lean in to hear more and even the owner understands exactly what your product can do for them. Now when you have to pitch you feel more like you get to pitch. You’re not just burning through slide decks anymore, putting people to sleep with data.
You’re a storyteller! A captivator! You’re engaging and memorable.
This style of storytelling is called Future Pacing and it’s just one of the many powerful tools you will learn how to use when you take Improv U’s Presentation Training Course.

Who Benefits from Presentation Skills Training?

If you’re someone who puts together slide decks and delivers presentations then presentation skills training is for you. Anyone who finds themselves in front of a group of people where you have to deliver information to them will benefit from this course.

What does this course cover?

let's goLearn presentation skills in this live online course. Presentations are just stories and stories are how we have been communicating with each other since before recorded history. Bring out your inner storyteller and start delivering incredible presentations!

Course Details

screen trainingThis is a virtual online training course that focuses on presentation skills.

online trainingThis is an interactive training where you will be given writing prompts and time to complete them.

There are also a few times where you will speak and present.

Ready to get started?

Want to bring this course to your team?

Do you have a team or department that could benefit from this course? Our instructors are happy to create custom schedules and plans for the group. Contact us below to get started.

About your Instructor

In addition to improvisation instruction, Anthony Francis has been coaching public speakers and performers for more than 10 years. He has been a presenter, performer public speaker, accomplished video producer and content creator among other titles. This course merges Anthony’s knowledge of performance and presence with skills and expertise in storytelling to create professional and clean presentations. In the past, he has facilitated and presented to Deluxe, SpectraBaby, Orange Theory Fitness, Modernizing Medicine, JM Family, Evolution Fitness, Gravity Oxygen Fitness, Capitol One, Keiser, Girl Scouts of South Florida and more.