Improv U Philanthropy

Improv U Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non-profit arm of Improv U with the mission of bringing improv to as many communities as possible and spreading the art of improvisation.

Lead with Love is the guiding principal behind every decision we make. That has brought us here. We believe improv can bring communities of people together in a lasting way. Here are the ways we are working to bring positive change through improv.

Improv for Special populations

Providing improv classes, and performance opportunities to special populations and those with cognitive disabilities. 

Story Change Theater

A series of short performances that highlight injustice, oppression, and the tough situations that effect our communities. Audience members would get a chance to step into the performance and role play what they would do to better the situation.   

Teambuilding Workshops for Non-profits

We help non-profit organizations by providing our incredibly effective and unique team building workshops free of charge.

Improv Festivals

Improv festivals are a great way to showcase this incredible art form. It brings culture to the community and opens the door for a new generation of improvisers. Help us keep our improv festivals going.