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Virtual Professional Development

It’s 9:15 am and you’re giving a presentation to your team. Halfway through the projector just stops working. You never really felt comfortable speaking in front of everyone before, but today was different.

You took a virtual professional development course with Improv U. The coaching and personalized instruction didn’t just tell you what to do, you have been doing it for weeks. You pause and look at the blank screen. A small gasp is heard from your audience, but you don’t skip a beat.

You ARE the presentation.

You get your info out in an entertaining and memorable way, you’re captivating and you’re having a little fun doing it, which is way more fun than you used to have. We all need to present. Either to a group or even just another person. You owe it to yourself to get great training.

Get personalized challenges that will become second nature. Side coaching in the moment means fixing issues on the fly for better results. Thoughtful instructors that know how to get the best from you in a positive way.


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