Join Improv U founder Anthony Francis in an exhilarating 8-week longform improv class, where you’ll master the art of The Harold! Classes are every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8:30pm.

If you are looking for a comprehensive longform class that gives you everything you need to perform The Harold then this class is for you. 

Must have ability to agree and make offers.
Must have basic understanding of improv scene work

Harold Class

This is an 8-week long form improv course with a 12 student max cap.

Grand Avenue Neighborhood Center
800 Grand Street, Orlando, FL 32805

7-8:30 p.m.
Starts Sept. 6, 2023

Reserve today. Payment options available, contact us for details.

Throughout the course, you’ll explore the intricacies of Harold Structure. Here is some of what we will cover:

* Organic Openings
* Character development
* 3-beat structure
* Group Games
* Organic closings

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your improv skills and unlock your comedic potential! Enroll now. See you in class!


Class Rules:


  1. Respect the actors on stage by watching silently and applauding loudly
  2. You are invited to perform “clean” and avoid cursing and vulgarity. It’s a fun challenge!
  3. No hitting, jumping on, or kissing anyone you don’t already have a hitting, jumping, kissing, agreement with.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason and need a timeout, just say “time out” and we will all cheer and take a short break.

Course Details

In this session you will learn:

Organic openings and closing

Group game and game of the scene 

Character development

Tag outs and runs

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About your Instructor

Actor, comedian, presenter, and all around nice guy Anthony Francis is the founder and artistic director of Improv U. Since 2012 Anthony has been teaching people just like you to be more confident on and off stage. He has performed in Chicago, New York, Portland, Miami, and all over Florida. He performs a fully improvised comedy musical called “Ant Farm” and performs and produces “The Unwritten Sketch Show”. Anthony’s approach to teaching is focused on openness and positive reinforcement. Students say they feel welcome and encouraged when they work with Anthony.