Slow Down

Don’t think about your improv scenes as something you have to get through as quickly as possible. Your improv scene isn’t an obstacle course. It’s a hiking trail. Think about your improv scenes as a nice leisurely walk and you might just find yourself enjoying and discovering more than you ever thought possible.


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Come Help Me

“Come over here and help me” is a common phrase that I hear from new improvisers. The reason they say this is because they’re scared to do their action on their own and they’re not sure how they can stay connected to their scene partner if they’re not both doing the same action. It’s not about the action. It’s never about what you’re doing. It’s always about the relationship between the two people. You got this!



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Bring a song


songIf you wanna get better at improv go to rehearsal and practice your scenes with music underneath. I like to use soundtrack music from movies, the instrumental music. Do your scenes with that music underneath and bring that energy into your scenes. Now, when you go on stage for a show, bring a little song with you. When you step out, have a song in mind and play your scene with that character, that you’re playing with that music in your heart. And it’s gonna change the energy of your scenes, and if you can kinda have that music playing in your head as you’re doing your scene you’d be amazed at how much your energy can change and how much energy you’ll have in that scene. So bring a song with you when you go on stage.


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Last Teacher Standing

last teacher standing

The Delray Chamber Education Fund (DCEF) is excited to announce the first-ever “Last Teacher Standing!” – a fundraiser for local public schools and select non-profit educational programs in Delray Beach.