Improv Tips

Hey! Remember these? My god, it’s been so long. If you wanna get better at improv, take your show to different theaters. I see a lot of improvisers, really experienced improvisers- been doing this a really long time, they’ve got a great show and I always see that show at their one local theater. And I’m like, why aren’t they taking that show on the road? So this is to you, this is to the improviser who has a show that they do every single whenever at their local theater. Why arent you bringing that show to other spots? It’s a good challenge for you, as the show producer to see if your show can fill seats at another venue where you’re not known kind of in the local community. So there’s that. And um and if your theater- your local theaters like, “Hey you can’t do your show somewhere else.”, I mean hey I don’t know. I say shame on the theater owner that says you can’t take that show out of here. But I don’t know if that’s a thing, maybe I’m just making stuff up. But my point is this: if you’re creating your own show take it on the road, take it to different locations, challenge yourself.


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