6 Reasons Why Team Building Really Works

Team building can be a beneficial exercise for just about any business. By organizing various activities designed to promote cohesiveness, employers can improve working relationships among coworkers and build a dynamic team-like structure, ultimately increasing productivity. Whether in the office or in some other location, these activities can help coworkers to see each other in […]

Unique Holiday Party: Why Your Holiday Party Needs Improv


The holidays are approaching, and your company just netted another year. You’ve watched your people work hard, striving to reach goals and exceed projections, and now you want to reward them with the unique holiday party they deserve. But how? Sure, it’s always fun to see the people you work with rock out on a […]

3 Improv Activities for Design Thinking

Utilizing improv theater practices can encourage and improve design thinking starting with user empathy through creating product prototypes. Not only can it improve design thinking, but the techniques can be easily learned. Therefore, let’s explore 3 improv activities for design thinking below. Powerful Benefits that Improv Brings to the Design Thinking Process Improvisors are characterised […]