Consider Corporate Teambuilding Orlando

There is no shortage of things to do for your retreat with your company or organization in Orlando. So with all the options, why consider corporate teambuilding in Orlando?

  1. Diverse Venue Options: Orlando offers a variety of venues that cater to corporate events of all sizes, from luxurious resorts to unique outdoor spaces. This diversity allows companies to pick a location that best fits their team-building objectives and company culture.
  1. World-Class Entertainment: Known globally for its theme parks and attractions, Orlando provides unmatched entertainment options that can be integrated into your team-building program. From private events at Walt Disney World to team challenges at Universal Studios, the options are boundless and thrilling.
  1. Ideal Weather Year-Round: Orlando’s warm climate makes it an excellent choice for year-round outdoor team-building activities. Whether it’s outdoor scavenger hunts in the winter or water-based activities in the summer, the weather is typically conducive to a wide range of events.
  1. Accessibility: Orlando is a major hub with an international airport that offers numerous direct flights from across the United States and the world. This accessibility makes it easier for companies with national and international teams to gather in one location.
  1. Expert Event Planners and Facilitators: The city’s thriving tourism and corporate event industry means you have access to some of the best event planning and team-building facilitators in the business. These professionals are skilled in creating customized experiences that can help achieve specific team goals.
  1. Accommodations for All Preferences: With a wide range of accommodation options from budget to luxury, Orlando can suit the needs and preferences of all attendees. This flexibility ensures that every team member is comfortable and can focus fully on the team-building experience.
  1. Networking Opportunities: Hosting your team-building event in a vibrant city like Orlando allows for numerous networking opportunities. Participants can engage with professionals from various industries, potentially leading to collaborations and partnerships.
  1. Cultural and Recreational Activities: Beyond theme parks, Orlando offers a rich array of cultural attractions such as museums, galleries, and theaters, as well as recreational activities like golfing and water sports. These activities provide more relaxed and informal settings for team bonding.
  1. Scalability for Large Groups: Orlando is equipped to handle large groups without compromising the quality of experience. This is ideal for corporations with a large workforce or for hosting multi-departmental or even inter-company team-building events.
  1. Memorable Experiences: Perhaps the most significant advantage of choosing Orlando for your corporate team-building is the guarantee of a memorable experience. The unique combination of location, facilities, and activities not only enhances teamwork but also leaves lasting impressions, boosting morale long after the event has ended.

Team bonding better than team practice?


What did you do for your set?

This past weekend I had the pleasure of performing at the Orlando Comedy Festival with two great groups. The Conglomeration and The Unwritten Sketch Show, Improv U’s mainstage cast. 

Unwritten hadn’t performed together in over four months and with us moving to Central Florida I wasn’t sure how that would go. Could we play well together even after all this time apart? 

It was Friday evening when the team arrived at our door. Patrick, Diane, and Tony. Brian couldn’t make it, but we texted him with updates. 

The four stayed at our house. We stayed up late passing the remote and sharing YouTube videos, talking, and sharing updates. In the morning I made French toast and then we all piled into Diane’s Civic and set off to Deland for the day. 

My friend Steve took me here last week and it was so nice I had to show it to everyone. We walked around the bookstores and sipped cocktails. 

We experienced a new place together. We talked about what we were passionate about and we also talked about our plan for the show. What will our set be? We decided to do the set that was in front of us and not what we had done before. 

We didn’t run sets or practice. We talked about what felt fun to do. We talked about the big picture. 

“I want to get weird with it,” I said. 

“I want to do things in the audience.”Diane chimed in. 

“I don’t care what we do so long as I get to do it with you amazing beautiful people.” Said Patrick. This was normal for Patrick. We chatted some more then we all took naps. 

We got up, piled into the car and headed to the festival. 

Our set was fun. We played with each other and supported one another. Not because we ran the set a bunch of times but because we ran the friendship. We spent the day connecting and that was everything. 

How important is the connection between the players? We focus so much on form or “getting better at improv” but what about connecting with who you play with? 

In improv you really have to trust your fellow performers. So much of what makes improv great is the way we play together. 

The more we trust the better we play. 

As I mentioned earlier I also got a chance to play with The Conglomeration! This group is made up of The Mayor of Improv Darryl Knapp and actor, published poet, professional clown Victoria Dym. I love playing with these two, but we also don’t live near each other and while we do rehearsal sometimes for the most part we don’t. 

I walked into the green room and greeted Victoria. She was looking a little nervous. 

“We need to connect.”, she said.

So we found Darryl and the three of us huddled close in our chairs. 

We briefly discussed the form and opening suggestion and quickly moved to intentions. “I want to make you both look good. I want to support what you do and give you a bunch of gifts.”, I said. 

Victoria does something very special before the show. Often times improvisers will say “I’ve got your back.” Victoria does it differently. 

“I want to do a show with you”, said Victoria. 

“I want to do a show with you too”, said Darryl.

We all repeated this and patted each other on the back. 

When we got on stage I felt confident. That confidence would stay with me through the night. It also reminded me that training the skill is only half of what it means to perform improv. We need to nurture the relationships too. 

A big thank you to Matt Gervia for shouldering the weight of this festival and holding a space for us to perform. If it wasn’t for your hard work and dedication these special moments and insights may have never come. 

6 Reasons Why Team Building Really Works

Other Than Improv
Other Than Improv
6 Reasons Why Team Building Really Works

Team building can be a beneficial exercise for just about any business. By organizing various activities designed to promote cohesiveness, employers can improve working relationships among coworkers and build a dynamic team-like structure, ultimately increasing productivity.

Whether in the office or in some other location, these activities can help coworkers to see each other in a different light while also providing an opportunity to work together in a low-pressure atmosphere. There are a number of advantages that can come from these functions, leading to a more efficient workplace. With that said, here are the Top 6 reasons why team building actually works. So let’s learn more below.

1. Getting to Know Each Other Through Networking & Socializing

When coworkers begin to become friends, this can lead to a happier workplace, resulting in increased morale. However, it’s not always easy to socialize in a work setting, especially with more and more businesses switching to an online dynamic. Team building activities are a great way to facilitate socialization among coworkers in-person and virtually. Check out some of the latest, most innovative team-building activities — there are sure to be options for any workplace dynamic.

2. Good, Old Fashioned Team Building for Team Work

Nothing beats it. Teamwork has been preached since the dawn of cubicles, and as many of today’s business men and women have found, it’s just as effective in a virtual work setting. By completing activities together, coworkers can begin to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In turn, they’ll start learning how to best utilize and/or overcome these attributes during group projects. In a given workplace, each team is unique because each individual team member has something unique to offer. Using these activities is a great way to help coworkers identify and optimize these attributes.

3. Competition—the Ultimate Motivator

It can take a while for coworkers to gel into a cohesive team. However, they may come together pretty quickly when competition is involved. Nothing incentivizes better than, well …incentives. And, bragging rights are always a great incentive. Even when it’s all in fun, coworkers could be more inclined to team up when faced with a win/lose scenario. Use your team-building strategy to bring out your team’s competitiveness. The results could be a big win.

4. Fun, Celebration, Motivation & All the Good Stuff

When your team wins in a sporting competition, it’s exciting. You all celebrate and have fun, then you go into the next challenge even more motivated to prevail. The same can occur when teams are faced with team-building challenges. Success is an exponential motivator that can bring employees together and inspire them to work harder and harder on every challenge they face.

5. Collaborate for Increased Innovation & Creativity

When surrounded by other people they’re comfortable with, employees are more likely to express creative ideas. They become more imaginative, paving the way for more innovative concepts. By helping individuals reach their creative potential, it helps teams optimize efficiency.

6. Team Building Encourages Better Communication

All-in-all, team-building activities help facilitate great working relationships. As coworkers become more and more familiar with each other, they begin to communicate better resulting in a more comfortable, relaxed workplace. Good communication is one of the foundations for success in the workplace, and team building is an excellent way to improve communication.

Search for strategies that will best serve your workplace. These exercises are sure to bring employees together, directly impacting their ability to work as a team. Get started today and help your team to maximize their collaborative potential.

Send us an email to start your team building.

Unique Holiday Party: Why Your Holiday Party Needs Improv


The holidays are approaching, and your company just netted another year. You’ve watched your people work hard, striving to reach goals and exceed projections, and now you want to reward them with the unique holiday party they deserve.

But how? Sure, it’s always fun to see the people you work with rock out on a karaoke stage. And, Brian from HR has some killer dance moves after a few egg nogs …but how about something new this year?

It can be a lot of pressure to plan a party that your staff has been looking forward to all year, but we have just the thing to keep the fun coming. Here’s our 5 reasons why your holiday party needs improv.

1. You’ll Get a Tailor-Made Show Just for You
Improvers customize their material for their audience. They’ll collect information before the show, during the show or both – this includes all the jargon, the inside jokes and more – and they’ll pepper it in throughout the show. Of course, this goes along with all the other hilarity they come up with. Jokes about the broken copier, repetitive memos and those darn TPS are sure to keep your staff laughing.

2. …Speaking of Laughing
Is there a better way to bring people together than laughter? When something makes everyone smile, it helps everyone to feel a little looser. We’re not talking about the awkward jokes your CEO makes while MC-ing the party. We’re talking about genuine comedy that you don’t feel obligated to laugh at. Figuring out how to break the ice at an event is never easy, so invite an improv troupe to loosen them up. Unscripted funnies are sure to do the trick.

3. Your Employees Can Have Their Chance to Shine
Improv shows really start to become fun when they get interactive. If you’d like to see your employees get in on the action, you can have your improv group invite them on stage to participate in the hilarity. If you think they have fun laughing at entertainers, just wait until they start laughing at each other.

4. Improvers Can Improve Any Place, Any Time
Improv humor is extremely versatile, and troupes can perform in almost any environment. Whether you’re having your holiday party at the office or at a venue, they’ll meet you there and they’ll always bring their A game.

5. The Good Times Will Last Through the New Year
After watching an uproarious interpretation of their work life, your employees are sure to bring some laughs to go. In fact, they may laugh until your next holiday party. Those spot-on inside jokes are relived every time they come to the office, giving coworkers something to bond over every day. Best of all, you can do the same thing the following year, because every show is completely different – it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

To get started with this unique holiday party, contact us today and learn how to book a live improv show for your next event.

3 Improv Activities for Design Thinking

Utilizing improv theater practices can encourage and improve design thinking starting with user empathy through creating product prototypes. Not only can it improve design thinking, but the techniques can be easily learned. Therefore, let’s explore 3 improv activities for design thinking below.

Powerful Benefits that Improv Brings to the Design Thinking Process

Improvisors are characterised by quick-wittedness, listening even in high pressure situations and building on the ideas of their team. All of these attibutes are great additions for design thinkers. With an improv workshop, design thinkers can begin to:

  • Empathize more clearly with the design target
  • Increase teamwork and co-work between the participants
  • Improve moods, energy and listening skills
  • Encourage team think by removing pressure and silos

    But how?! Great question.

    So the good news is that to use improv activities for deisgn thinking is a short presentation away. Most design thinkers can benefit and take away these skills from a workshop. To get started, here are 3 improv activities to use:

Improv Activities

Never Miss a Beat
It’s amazing where our minds will wander off too. This activity is great for helping us stay present. It’s called “Zip Zap Zop”. Standing in a circle one person claps and then points at someone else in the circle saying “Zip”. That person then claps and points at someone else and says Zap, third person clap and point, “Zop”, and you bounce that around the circle. Zip, zap, zop, zip, zap, zop, etc. Use your own words, use names, the important thing is you move fast!

Encourage the wild ideas
To do this we need to start saying yes to the ideas that are presented to us and supporting them. We do this with an activity called “I’m going on a picnic”. To do this activity everyone stands in a circle. The first person in the circle turns to the person on their left and says ” I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing a soda. The next person then turns to the person to their left and says “Yes, and I am bringing ice for the soda”, that third person then turns to the person to their left and says “yes, and I’m bringing a cooler to hold all the ice”, and this repeats until everyone has had a turn.

Empathize With Your Design Target
How do we practice empathy? To see life from someone else’s point of view a good start would be to take on that persons physicality. Humans are great at mimicry. For this activity you will observe someone as they are. You want someone who is unaware they are being observed. Someone outside the window waiting for the bus for example or someone in a video. Take on that persons body posture, sit how they sit, stand as they stand, walk as they walk, then ask yourself, how do I feel? What kind of person do I feel like right now? Let your new body inform your mind. Body first, then mind.

These exercises help work those muscles, and they’re a lot of fun to do. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use improv activities for design thinking.