Drop In classes are back at Common Grounds Boynton

Improv drop in classes are back on at the Common Grounds café at One Boynton! Grab a coffee or home blended tea, maybe a baked good hang out for a bit then join us for class! every Monday unless otherwise noted in our newsletter. Mondays from 8-9. Class is just $10. Pay online or at […]

Drop In Improv Classes At Old School Square On Hold

Hey Improvisers! Our drop in classes at Old School Square are currently on hold. The reason for this is because the non-profit that runs Old School Square might be getting evicted from the buildings by the city. I can’t say for certain why any of this is happening, but it is, and so we improvise! […]

Unique Holiday Party: Why Your Holiday Party Needs Improv

The holidays are approaching, and your company just netted another year. You’ve watched your people work hard, striving to reach goals and exceed projections, and now you want to reward them with the unique holiday party they deserve. But how? Sure, it’s always fun to see the people you work with rock out on a […]

3 Improv Activities for Design Thinking

Utilizing improv theater practices can encourage and improve design thinking starting with user empathy through creating product prototypes. Not only can it improve design thinking, but the techniques can be easily learned. Therefore, let’s explore 3 improv activities for design thinking below. Powerful Benefits that Improv Brings to the Design Thinking Process Improvisors are characterised […]